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Service technology Engineering






Engineering Transformation

We analyze the value streams within an IT organization to align the enterprise technology strategy with the needs of the business and customers. We introduce new methods, process, platforms and tools within IT to unlock innovation, speed and quality. We help our clients not only shift the technology but also the ways of working to establish continuous improvement and value creation.

Experience Technologies

We develop nimble, market-facing applications across web, mobile and voice that help our clients quickly address customer wants and needs while forging more relevant and stronger experiences along the customer journey. 

Microservices & APIs

We engineer and operate microservices and API platforms that enable stronger collaboration and agility within teams to accelerate digital innovation.

Site Reliability Engineering

We improve connectivity across engineering, operations and governance teams and apply automation and machine learning to ensure systems are reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Cloud Engineering

We help organizations bring applications to market faster through the cloud and reduce risk with consistent, secure and reliable deployments through automation and self-service.

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Software Implementation

We help our clients select and implement the right software and use our proven, agile approach to accelerate marketing, commerce and business operations.



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Tilak Doddapaneni
Tilak Doddapaneni
Head of Engineering and Technology